How can you hire us?

Fixed Price, Fixed Scope

  •  If you have clarity of scope and what you require, our team will work with you to understand your needs and propose a solution and timeline which shall be agreed first. Based on that cost of the project implementation shall be shared and mutually agreed.
  • We follow a milestone based payment model and those milestones shall be mutually agreed.

Hourly Rate

  •  If you have an existing ongoing work and require minor enhancements ,we can allocate the resource as per your need and daily summary of hours spent along with an agreed rate card of the resource. Contact us for our hourly rates.

Staff Augmentation

  •  We hire required skill set resources for you on our payroll and deploy them to your projects. Clients are billed on a monthly basis.

Dedicated Team

  • Large scale applications require a dedicated team. As our consulting process outcome we may recommend to have a dedicated team with a monthly billing.
    The resources shall be managed by the customer OR we can map the management/leadership team while sizing the project team and cost.

Maintenance Contracts

  • Once the projects go live, we can enter into a maintenance contract with commitment of fixing any bugs or allocating a set of hours to support the enhancement needs which may arise post Go Live.
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