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A complete E2E Supply Chain automation solution which digitize your way of working

PCL 20th September 2022
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  •  No real-time and accurate visibility of produced stock vs B grade stock.
  •  No awareness of daily monthly production statistics.
  •   Limited visibility into productivity & efficiency of your team.
  •   Unaware about what to produce to stock Vs what to produce for client.

E2E Supply Chain Automation Solution on cloud

  • Real time availability of factory stock to distributors and depot.
  • Order Entry through the Pro App Manufacturing reaching the factory system immediately to be worked upon.
  • Tracking of all the goods / stock received using the scanning of the products ensuring minimal pilferage .
  • Dealers get a mobile app to view all the products available along with an image of the product, place orders to distributors from the app directly, get notified about the product delivery.
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Barcoding of products

Knowing your inventory is accurate or not is important for an organization to know if they are performing well or not. Organization did not have a clear view of how much they produced till date vs how much is daily produced and how much is b grade. “Barcoding” Solution helped in plugging these loopholes for the company. Each barcode created is unique to know the product name, when it was produced and in which lot it was manufactured and by whom.

Mobility in Collection

Introduction of Mobile application to collect the goods by scanning the products in the order reduced all the manual overhead from the person picking up the goods. Systematically, they were informed about whether the right product was picked up or not. The collection efficiency and accuracy of the order being dispatched improved in this whole process.

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