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Messaging APIs

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Keep your customer in reach of their favourite messaging app by sending  transactional,  product update related notification, OTP etc.

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OTP No need of coding OTP functionality for your functions multiple times and replicating the code. Sign up for OTP as a service solution and pay as per use.
Reliable and Cost Effective Emails. Seamlessly integrate email functionality into your applications for enhanced automation and efficiency.


We provide custom chat based solutions which can be integrated in your existing mobile application or website. Your support team can chat with your clients right from your own application solution which you have developed.

Voice calling

We provide voice calling APIs for you to integrate in the application as you require. These are click to call APIs which helps in automating various workflows, track your sales/ support staff calling behavior and help achieve transparency in the conversation.

Video calling

We provide custom chat based solutions

We have a built a video calling solution which can be provided as a service and can be integrated in any application. This service has following components 


Client side screen

Organizer screen

This solution is leveraged to build an appointment system  for some of clients.


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