DevOps & Assurance

Humans are intelligent and the same human can make mistakes too. Development world is all about getting the problems solved by some mechanism and while doing that people may tend to make mistakes too due to long working hours in getting to the end result.

There is an IT ecosystem developed around DevOps these days which helps organisations achieve the automation into their development processes and have the teams focus on coding it right, the rest of it is taken care by the DevOps Automation.  Here are some of the benefits of using DevOps:

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Benefits of Using DevOps:

  • Less error prone deployment process
  • Code comparison and managing multiple work streams to achieve the desired results is possible through DevOps ecosystem
  • Automated tests can be executed to identified the problems early in the development cycle
  • Automated vulnerability checks help reduce security risks.
  • Speed & Agility in rolling out new functions.
  • Identify the bottlenecks and failures by automating performance testing.

If you are an IT organisation and still not using DevOps in your ecosystem, lets sit and analyse your development process and get you where you should be. 

Proeffico’s DevOps Principles

Automation First

Before any projects started, we prioritize the automation of the SDLC, lifecycle to ensure developers only focus on coding and testing.
Building blocks are already set up for quick turnaround of functionalities.

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Security First

The instances which are set up for any project are hardened, secured, using a web application. Firewall, key-based authentication is recommended, IP white-listings are done.

CI/CD experience

Auto deploy LAMP
Auto Deploy of LAMP based projects  to the environments
Automated java microservice build and deployment
Automated android app build and transfer of the apk file to an FTP location
Server security
Automated server hardening during node creation
Automated application code base and database backups to AWS S3
React based projects auto deployment

IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Proeffico In house Monitoring solution is monitoring all the cloud nodes (Web Servers, Database Servers, Application Servers, Micro Services). Approx 30 nodes are monitored using
1. Industry standard monitoring tools e.g. Splunk for log monitoring
2. Grafana / Prometheus for Infrastructure Monitoring
3. Custom Scripts
4. Automated Alerting and Reporting is in-built to ensure maximum uptime of the infrasturcture.

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